• 2002

The proposed housing building is located in one of the main access routes to the city centre of Copenhagen.  Along this route, one experiences an open type of cityscape (parks, lakes) alternating with a closed one (city blocks), resulting in a sequence that enriches the approach to the city.  However, the vacant site object of development is located does not take part of this perception.  It is for this reason that the project aims to strengthen this sequence by filling the site with a new building while restoring on the roof the existing green area.


Respecting the current condition of the housing at the rear of the site, the proposed massing consists of a sloping building that build up on height and presence as it approaches the main road accessing the city.  The building reinforces the existing pedestrian routes crossing the site while solving the transversal street opening it to the main road. Besides, a new rooftop garden easily accessible has been proposed due to the sloping configuration of the building.  This configuration favours for the sun to enter the patio villa typology placed at the rear of the site.

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