• Barcelona,

  • 2005

Slogan: "Re_Zuma"

Architectural ideas competition aimed at young architects for the research of new housing solutions.  At current, the Port Market as well as other neighbourhood facilities occupy the site.  The most remarkable characteristic of the building is the outstanding reinforced concrete structure of rigorous modular geometry.


The scheme is based over the idea of reusing and recycling the reinforced concrete structure of the old market building. Therefore, by eliminating firstly the floor slabs that will not be occupied, the new building is organized around the perimeter of the existing structure.  In doing so, a new interior courtyard of unseen features appears.  That is a courtyard crossed by a three dimensional network of columns and beams that coexist with other community facilities as well as new trees and palm trees, all perched on the structure.


Regarding the dwellings, a configuration that favours the combination of different types of housing units and users is proposed.  The single element that enables this is a generous wet service pod composed of bathroom, kitchen and a couple of small vertical service conducts.  By way of placing it in an identical symmetric relative position, a flexible housing unit is achieved with spaces around the pod easily adaptable with regards any possible use.

    Coauthor: 1OOTO Arquitectura

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