• FITUR,

  • 2010

Slogan: "Uva Appeal" Shortlisted 3rd Prize

“Uva Appeal” is a totally distinct space where visitors feel part of the World of La Rioja.  The strong presence generated by the combination of more than a thousand spherical elements will easily be seen from the very first moment on entering the pavilion.  Made in shades of mauve and purple of different finishes such as gloss and satin, this image has always identified and will continue to identify with the image of La Rioja.  Once inside, the stand conveys the highest value of Rioja “The Land of Wine”.  The forest generated by these plastic spheres suspended from the ceiling ​​has a double-fold symbolic meaning: first, the meaning of grape itself and its liquid form: the wine; second, the sparkle of the wine once inside a glass of wine.

    Coauthor: Biel Castelló

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